Giacomo Gex is a director, writer and cinematographer currently based in New York City. Half British and half French, raised in the Sinai desert and on the mediterranean island of Ibiza (he is fluent in Spanish, French and English). Growing up around diverse cultures and nationalities he has always been captivated by people and their stories.

During his early teens the gift of a small camcorder spawned his passion for filmmaking. Whilst still at school he started his professional career as a wedding videographer, experience he would later use for his documentary films. At the age of 21 Giacomo wrote, directed and produced his first scripted short film set in Ibiza, produced in association with the award winning London based production company Passion Pictures.

Throughout his 20s he has worked on various short scripted and non-scripted films and in 2015 he directed “Repoman”, a short documentary following a repossession agent Andrew De Palma as he trawls through Los Angeles searching to repossess his next vehicle. “Repoman” was selected by various film festivals around the world including the Sheffield DocFest as well as the Slamdance Film Festival in Utah.

Giacomo has recently completed “Crush” a scripted short film that speaks of today’s iPhone culture and its consequences on human interaction. “Crush” has been selected by a handful of festivals including the Cannes Short Film Corner and was recently screened at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Film Festival, winning - best film, best director, best actor and best supporting actor.

He is currently working on a documentary film about his childhood friend - Jack, who has been searching for the famed “Yamashita’s Gold”, the legendary Japanese WWII treasure that is said to be buried all across the Philippine archipelago. Jack and his father have been on this quest for over six years and still continue today.


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